After three months of shutdown the Premier League will return on June the 17th as Manchester City take on Arsenal

it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for project restart is good to go and the details are starting to emerge we also know that Aston Villa against Sheffield United will take place on the same night which is a Wednesday in just 20 days time.

According to reports close to the league : we’re still waiting official confirmation from the
Premier League but it is understood that clubs have agreed to that restart date of June the 17th and that’s where there will be a chance for those two games in hand to be played Aston Villa against Sheffield United and Manchester City against Arsenal those
fixtures were postponed earlier in the season because of Manchester City’s EFL Cup final and tie against Aston Villa early or in March it means that after those two fixtures every Premier League
club will have played 29 games so they will then all go into a round of 30 at that following weekend on the 20th and 21st we’re still waiting for confirmation whether or not there will be games on Friday at June the 19th as well as soon as we had confirmation that clubs had unanimously agreed to contact
training this was the next logical step because you’ve got contact training then it’s going to be the same replicated out on the pitch so it seemed that an agreement has been reached for that restart date which gives clubs what about three weeks to partake in contact training should they wish prior to the return of the Premier League matches. we’re still waiting for confirmation from the league
on exactly how long it will take but sounded the expectation prior to this meeting was that they were going to and hoping to try to complete their remaining 92 fixtures in that timeframe ideally within around six weeks or so there’s a lot of other items that are still under discussion the meeting is
still taking place most notably around where all the games will be played will it all be at home that did seem to be a shift particularly in terms of what the police and government were advising a couple of weeks ago in terms of specific fixtures scheduling and they were also discussing the possibility of a plan B what happens if there is a second peak in the coronavirus and those fixtures can’t be fulfilled at some point throughout June and lice and they were looking and modeling those but certainly the headline two carats of the meeting so far is that agreements over a June the seventeen three stars.
In the next time we’ve definitely seen a shift in the last couple of weeks and that will have been helped somewhat by the tests the Premier League clubs have taken part in a three round of testing we’ve had
twelve positive results so far but still more than ninety nine and a half percent of those tested at Premier League clubs have tested negative clearly every positive results will have to have been
taken seriously but the relatively low figures will have given a degree of confidence for those players and those managers that they are in terms of contact training at returning to a safe and environment as possible clearly a lot can happen in the next three weeks and nobody is running away with us just
yet but what clubs now have is that definitive line in the sand they know now what they are aiming for in terms of project restarts they know that they are aiming particularly the case of four of those clubs to be playing on the seventeenth with the rest of them then taking part over the 19th 20th and 21st
over that weekend so they’ve got that target now to chase and that’s what they will be focusing on and then everyone in the game will hope that those figures in terms of those tests will continue to be low clubs are testing today and tomorrow the fourth running the results expected on Saturday or Sunday at the latest before those clubs meet again a week today to discuss the final details of project restart.

Been a long wait for the fans more than three months but for the players less than three weeks from today of contact training before those first games on June the 17th is that underpinning the sense that these players were well conditioned throughout lockdown with their home workouts, It’s been fascinating to see different reactions from different clubs you’ve got some people at some club saying that they have been involved in extremely strenuous individual workouts so they are raring to go you then have other clubs seeing different things interesting to hear the thoughts of and Newcastle Steve Bruce while ago where he said that certainly he would have preferred longer before those games restarted but I think the sense the general feeling that you hear is that the players just wanted to get
on with this and they will be heartened by the fact that a date has now been set for those games to resume clearly there will be questions asked about the demands that are being put on them in three weeks time there have been concerns raised by some medics that does it increase the potential and the possibility of injuries remember we still to get an answer on that I fab and FIFA recommendation of increasing the number of substitutions so that is expected to be confirmed you would think by the Premier League in the coming seven days or so because that was the idea of that was to try and alleviate the pressure on potential injuries but certainly there is no a focus for those clubs for those players and for those managers the absolute priority has to be to remain healthy to remain fit and to
remain coalbed 19 free where they can and that’s why the testing will continue remember up to 60 tests can now take place at clubs from the fourth round onwards so they will be monitoring and
tracking every result and hoping that there’s not going to be any positive cluster in one club or any return of the coronavirus peak that would potentially derail this restart dates .

the matches will take place with objections to the suggestion of neutral venues obviously the meetings still ongoing, ultimately that is going to be a decision that’s going to be heavily guided by the police and the authorities on that there was an expectation certainly at the start of this week that there may well be games back at home with a couple of fixtures that potentially might be played at neutral
venues but there’s not yet been any firm guidance either way on this we know that the Premier League clubs preferred to play their outstanding games at home that’s a fact that’s what Richard masters the Premier League chief executive told us on a media briefing last week I think it was in the week before so clearly the club’s want that to happen but they will be guided by the authorities and the police you do sense there has been a softening of that approach but it will all come down to the expectations in society in general there was always a concern that supporters would be gathering around those grounds around England if that assurance is given by the clubs that their fans will not do that and the
police and the authorities are happy with that then you would expect there to be some sort of a return to home venues but that’s still not being confirmed.